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For some products however, continued support and services will be managed directly by the manufacturer of the product, or a new reseller authorised by the manufacturer.

Alfasoft AB has provided high end scientific software to researchers and engineers since 1989 and we would be honoured to give the same service to you.

If the individual has foreign income (such as rental income, salary, shares, or a house abroad), one or more special tax forms must be filed.

Outstanding taxes for the income year in question should be paid at the latest on 31 December (or the last bank day of the year) in the income year to avoid interest and extra charges.Dear reader, As you might have learned Adept Scientific was placed under administration in November 2014.Alfasoft AB has acquired the Adept Scientific Limited assets and founded Alfasoft Limited to continue to provide the services.The tax card information automatically becomes available to the Danish employer.If no valid tax card is available at the time of payment, the Danish employer must withhold 55 percent tax.

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