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California Institute of Integral Studies The Transformative Studies doctoral program is designed for individuals who want to engage in innovative research, combining rigorous scholarship, creativity, and self-inquiry...Church of the Sub Genius This explosive new futureligion BEYOND science may raise your intelligence, transform your life, improve your health and luck, and end financial woes!! THE ONLY 'FAITH' THAT PROMISES ACTION - THRILLS - SUCCESS IN SEX AND BUSINESS!(What can I say, I got a little domain-happy.) About Nice Nice is a Nice Central site and therefore shares articles and forums with Nice and the "Nice Central" main site.It's a little weird to jump around at first, but you'll get used to it.He describes the three primary parts of a man's masculine confidence as: 1) Self-esteem (), and 3) Self-confidence (how certain a man is about his world and abilities in general.)Furthermore, three parts appeal to a man's attractiveness to women: 1) Self-discipline, 2) Self-confidence, and 3) Sense of humor.These are referred to as the "Three S's," and they form the framework of a man's approach to interaction with women.We offer a wide selection of articles on everything from Thelema, Ceremonial Magick, Golden Dawn, Grimoire, Chaos Magick and everything in between.

We assist scientists to design, fund, obtain approval for and report on studies into the healing and spiritual potentials of MDMA psychedelic drugs and marijuana.

'Were Dimensional 'Outlaws' able to break on thru to the other side and find freedom?

Find out by exploring one of the oldest Internet Legends, Ong's Hat and the Incunabula Enigma.

Mind States IVContinuing Perspectives on Altered Consciousness will be held May 23-25, 2003 at the International House, Berkeley, CA.

The Spring of 2003 celebrates the 60th anniversary of the discovery of LSD's psychoactive effects, and we will have a panel of experts discussing the past, present, and future of this world-changing molecule.

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