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For earlier this week, Miss Berry announced that she considers her two-year-old daughter — the result of a three-year relationship with handsome white model Aubry — ‘to be black’.

Berry defiantly told an American black magazine: ‘I feel she’s black.

There is no good time to sack a deputy prime minister, but last night was just about the best point in the 49-day investigation for Theresa May to dismiss Damian Green.

When The Times reported that Kate Maltby was accusing Mr Green of an inappropriate advance, Westminster and the Conservative Party were in the grip...

It’s no small mercy that little Nahla is too young to fully understand what her ­parents are putting her through.

It’s bad enough that they are slugging it out in public, but the poor mite has been placed centre-stage in a pitched race battle that can only escalate.

To refer to Shaye as ‘black’ — as so many parents of mixed-race children do — denies half of her DNA.

Halle Berry is herself the result of a mixed-race relationship between her white mother and black father.

Few people wish for a return to the racially dire Seventies when mainstream language, courtesy of the likes of Alf ­Garnett and Jim Davidson, referred to black and mixed- race people in the most ­offensive and unpleasant ways.I understand what the Oscar-winning star is going through.Having experienced the war zone of a relationship breakdown, I can testify to the raw ­emotional pain that frequently accompanies it — particularly the agony of ­seeing your innocent child torn between two parents.Just recalling those times causes me to shudder, but the PC fall-out has resulted in all people of mixed race being referred to uniformly as black. It’s ludicrous because, like all banner descriptions, it fails to take account of the nuances of real life.When Berry calls her daughter black, she refuses to acknowledge her child’s white inheritance.

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