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Another trustworthy provider, Mobi Stealth offers an affordable service for spy monitoring software across cellphones, tablets, and computers.

Although they offer less features than m Spy and Flexi Spy, the service still offers cell phone surround recording with the microphone and camera for full audio, picture, and video support.

Overall, it’s all about features and functionality.

Depending on what you’re looking to get accomplished, different apps will offer varied features while sharing the same basic ones.

Every service agreement and TOS is scrutinized to ensure that the provider is not logging, collecting and sharing your private data with third parties.

Over time, we have come across fake spy apps that actually install viruses and/or scam your credit card, some simply don’t work, while others sell the private data collected by the tracking app.

Compatibility with popular devices is also important and has been covered to ease your selection process.Since 2011, m Spy has been providing their services with consistent updates and improvements.Due to their longstanding and continual positive customer feedback, they have garnished a proven track record as a leader in monitoring and tracking apps for cellphones, mobile devices, and even computers.In the last couple of years, they have become the best selling spy app and offer a wide range of features including support for Snapchat and Tinder.Another notable feature is their i Phone No Jailbreak solution that allows limited i Cloud monitoring without having a jailbroken i OS device.

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