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He may have played a mummy-killing adventurer in hit movie The Mummy, but the tables have now been firmly turned on Brendan Fraser.

This time it's the 41-year-old actor who is wearing the bandages on a Martha Stewart Halloween special that aired yesterday.

nother franchise about the undead is coming back to life.

Most press sources would have you believe that the Tom Cruise-led reboot is a positive turn for the franchise, which began back in the 1930s in the Universal Studios monster movie era.

Caption: Why Hollywood won't cast Brendan Fraser anymore?

He plays Rick the American Adventurer with a level of confidence and unbuttoned-bloused arrogance that is nearly comical, and you can tell just by looking at him that in spite of the entire franchise taking place in Egypt, he’s only going have have sex with blonde women.I am certain that this one will be unique.”Clearly, Brendan went through many drafts and viewings of the 1999, 2001, and 2008 movies before coming up with this statement, and it also reads more like an email than something said in person. A cursory overview — he played George of the Jungle in the 1997 live-action adaptation and mostly just performed a series of pratfalls in a loincloth; he played was a perfect opportunity to become a dashing action star a la Cruise, as opposed to the goofy roles he’d inhabited before then.Here’s the rest of the statement:“I have met Tom before and he is a nice guy. I will buy the ticket to watch it on the opening day.”Is he not going to be invited to the premiere? Instead, Fraser stuck to his guns and made a character out of Rick O’Connell, a bold move that made his career.Brendan Fraser, the 47-year-old could be back with a bang, with Deadline reporting that he's landed a recurring part on TV series The Affair.The acclaimed drama across the globe has won multiple awards, including the world-renowned Golden Globe for Best Television Series - Drama.

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