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Sergey say “Google’s mission is to organize the worlds information…and video is an important part of the worlds information”.

Says Google’s core strength is search and advertising. I’ve put myself in the queue to ask about the Fox/Myspace angle. Asking about You Tube content and how it will be integrated into Google. JP Morgan is asking about why all stock, and why buy You Tube when Google has its own video site.

You can also hear a replay of the call via telephone until midnight Monday, October 16 at 888-203-1112 domestically and 719-457-0820 internationally. Eric is starting the call and immediately started talking about the content deals announced today.

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But what about the other jokes – the obscure ones designed to go over your head? It was recently highlighted at the end of season 3 in a throwaway line made by Kimmy’s new boss Zach (who’s basically From: S2E6 – ‘Kimmy Drives a Car!

Question about You Tube’s new technology to auto-recognize copyrighted content. Eric is saying that deals are very good for partners.

David Drummond says they arrived at a purchase price that is “very fair”. ABC News question on integration between Google and You Tube.

David Drummond says its a stock deal to make it tax free to You Tube shareholders. Question about revenue shares given to content providers and how the company was valued.

Eric says that You Tube was in a unique position and had a unique product offering that Google admired. Not anwered – “we do not go into details on financial deals”.

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